2017 White Cabernet - Variant Series

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2017 White Cabernet - Variant Series

Our White Cabernet is a true "white" wine with big aromas; strawberry, melon, and peach are prominent with subtle floral back notes. This wine's fruit plays on the palate integrating well with it's acidity and sweetness.

Our Variant Series showcases the amazing array of possibilities when a craft winery can control all vineyard and cellar influence from vine to bottle. With our VS White Cabernet, we took a traditionally rich, tannic dark red wine and turned it into a white wine, while retaining the rich feel of classic cabernet. Most white cabernets are darker in color due to a more vigorous pressing. A softer press keeps most of the color locked in the red skin, resulting in a softer more subtle wine.

Pairs well with spicy Thai dishes, curry-spiced dishes, and fruit vinaigrette salads with goat cheese.

Alc. by Vol.: 12.0%
Net Content: 750 ml

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