Rhino "Crash Crush" - Rosé Sparkling Wine

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Rhino "Crash Crush" - Rosé Sparkling Wine

Only five species of rhinos remain in the world. Rhinos around the world face the same challenges: poaching for the international rhino horn trade, habitat loss, and civil unrest. Many cultures believe a rhino's horn has medicinal properties or it is used a status symbol; however, rhino horn is composed of keratin, the same protein that composes human hair and fingernails.

Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching and conservations efforts. We work with several communities in Africa, where the wildlife is in trouble, providing support to ensure a bright future for both the community and the wildlife that shares their home.

With every purchase you are supporting "front-line" wildlife conservation efforts to literally protect and defend rhino, elephant, giraffe, vultures, and many other species at risk.

For more information, visit http://globalconservationforce.org/

Alc. by Vol.: 11%
Net Content: 750ml

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