Giraffe "Tall Blonde" Chardonnay

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Giraffe "Tall Blonde" Chardonnay

The main causes of giraffe population decline are habitat degradation and poaching. Giraffe also face challenges from civil unrest, and human encroachment on their habitat. The giraffe's global population has declined more than 40% population decline in 15 years.

Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching and conservations efforts. We work with several communities in Africa, where the wildlife is in trouble, providing support to ensure a bright future for both the community and the wildlife that shares their home.

With every purchase you are supporting "front-line" wildlife conservation efforts to literally protect and defend rhino, elephant, giraffe, vultures, and many other species at risk.

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Alc. by Vol.: 14.7%
Net Content: 750ml


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