Champagne Stopper

Price: 9.99 Club Price: 9.99

Don't want to drink a whole bottle of champagne in one sitting? This champagne stopper will keep your bottle bubbly fresh for the next time you feel like grabbing a glass.

Almond Champagne Coaster

Price: 6.50 Club Price: 12.99

A great conversation piece, this Almond Champagne coaster looks beautiful on a glass table or bar. Makes an excellent gift.

Wilson Creek Logo Coaster

Price: 1.99 Club Price: 1.99

These Wilson Creek cork coasters are the perfect souvenirs for fans of the winery.

Wilson Creek Olive Oil

Price: 12.99 Club Price: 10.39

From the sustainably farmed olive grove at the Wilson Creek Manor, this single cold-pressed field varietal mix produced exceptional oil with a distinctly fresh initial palate and a rich nutty finish. Good in salads and on fresh pasta however, the complex flavor really stands out as an olive oil bread dip that will hold up to an addition of rosemary, garlic or basil.

Logo Glass

Price: 3.00 Club Price: 2.40

A piece of Wilson Creek Winery for your home. Serve your favorite bottle of WC wine in a logo glass.

"WINE" Cork Cage

Price: 31.99 Club Price: 25.59

This artfully sculpted metal work is an innovative way to keep all your wonderful memories.
Just drop your treasured corks inside.

Wine Gift Bag

Price: 4.99 Club Price: 3.99

An elegant, translucent, gift bag with a draw string closure. The perfect touch for the perfect gift. Great for all occasions.

Champagne bottle sold seperately.