Dessert Wine

Sweet Treats Package

Price: 60.00 Club Price: 48.00

Get a bottle of each of our fan-favorite dessert wines, all in one package!

Perfect for the cozy holiday weather and pairs well with all that holiday dessert. Or enjoy as a dessert itself!

This package includes:
- 1 bottle of Decadencia Chocolate Port
- 1 bottle of Angelica Cream Sherry
- 1 bottle of Late Harvest Malbec-Merlot

All for $60 + tax (usually a $87.97 value)
December only.

Decadencia® Chocolate Dessert Wine

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 23.19


Be decadent and indulge. Made from century-old "Old Vine" Zinfandel with a touch of natural chocolate to make it even more delectable. Smooth, elegant, rich, and decadent. Fruit-forward flavor of plum, currant, and black cherry. Flavors of chocolate in the mid-palate. Flavors of vanilla and spice at the finish.

Pair with dessert such as cheesecake, gelato, German chocolate cake (or over it), or as dessert itself! We enjoy serving it in our popular chocolate shot glasses that you nibble as you sip. Mix with our Almond Sparkling Wine for a delectable treat.

Alc. by Vol.: 18.%
Net Contents: 375 ml

Angelica Cream Sherry

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 23.19


Absorb the rich flavors of caramel and hazelnut. A truly world-class Sherry. Fortified with brandy. Perfect for sipping by the fire after a long day. Serve room temperature and enjoy!

The fortified dessert wine became known as "Angelica" in that it is sweet, heavenly, and long-lived. The Angelica Cream Sherry was aged in oak barrels for a year, then aged in wood tanks for 6 years. It is ready to enjoy now or will age nicely for about 10-20 years.

Alc. by Vol.: 18.0%
Net Content: 375ml

2010 Alicante Bouschet

Price: 39.99 Club Price: 31.99

This late harvest dessert wine was made in a true Port style. The fermentation was stopped by the addition of high proof, neutral grape spirits (150 proof). This fortification of the wine kills off the yeast preserving the high sugar content. The yeast is not able to eat up all the sugar to produce alcohol, but the high proof brings the alcohol up to 20.6%; so it is sweet, but with a lot of alcohol, perfect for a digestif or as an evening sipper.

This port exudes flavors of dark berry fruit, cherry, and rich baking spices. It lingers with a round, luscious, fruitcake sweetness through a long, smooth finish.

Alc. by vol: 20.6%
Net Content: 375ml

Late Harvest Malbec-Merlot

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 23.19

This late harvest Malbec and Merlot blend has a distinct rich red-purple color. Aromas of American Oak, dried currants, spice, raspberry jam play on the nose. Whereas flavors of blackberry jam, black current and oak spice play on the palate. This dessert wine is full and mouth filling with ample structure to age well.

This is truly a stand-alone wine as an aperitif. Served as a dessert wine, this will pair well with a dessert fruit–nut and cheese platter.

Alc. by vol: 18%
Net Content: 375ml