Dessert Wines

NV L/H Malbec/Merlot

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 23.19

This late harvest Malbec and Merlot blend has a distinct rich red-purple color. Aromas of American Oak , dried currants, spice, raspberry jam play on the nose. Whereas flavors of blackberry jam, black current and oak spice play on the palate. The wine is full and mouth filling with ample structure to age well.
Alc. by Vol.: 18%

Net Content: 375ml

Angelica Cream Sherry

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 23.19

Indulge! Absorb the rich flavors of caramel and hazelnut. A truly world-class Sherry. Fortified with brandy. Perfect for sipping by the fire after a long day.
Alc. by Vol.: 18.0%
Net Content: 375ml

2012 Late Harvest Semillion/Sauvignon Blanc

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 23.19

This selection from the Explorer Series comes from the famous Santa-Ynez Valley. An ideal location for growing late harvest wines. The combination of the cooling effect of the Pacific with the warmth of the valleys create a "diurnal effect" of hot days and cools nights. The result, tangy aromas of citrus, tangerine and lime combined with warm flavors of apricots, figs, peach pie and classic golden honey.
Alc. by Vol.: 13.7%

Net Contents: 375ml

Late Harvest "Solera" Chardonnay

Price: 59.99 Club Price: 47.99

A rare find in wine. This Chardonnay was treated like the finest Cream Sherries of Spain. Rich flavors and aromas of caramel, hazelnut and toasted oak are prominent on the nose as well as the palate. A full and rich wine with an incredibly long creamy finish.
This is truly a stand-alone wine as an aperitif. Served as a dessert wine, this will pair well with a dessert fruit–nut and cheese platter.
Cream Sherries are made from wine of the Palomino grape. This wine is unique in that we used Chardonnay grapes. The character of the chardonnay is still present but it has transformed during SOLARA when the barrels are exposed to solar heat for 5 years. The slow heat caramelized the wine’s sugar content producing that rich creamy character.

Decadencia® Chocolate Dessert Wine

Price: 28.99 Club Price: 20.29

Be decadent and indulge. Made from century-old "Old Vine" Zinfandel with a touch of natural chocolate to make it even more delectable.

Alc. by Vol.: 18.%
Net Contents: 375 ml