White Wines

2015 Variant Series White Cabernet

Price: 25.99 Club Price: 20.79

A true “white” wine with big aromas, Strawberry, melon and peach are prominent with subtle floral back notes. This wines fruit plays on the palate integrating well with its acidity and sweetness, notes of strawberry and melon come to mind.

Alc. by Vol.: 11%

Net Content: 750ml

Spicy Thai dishes, curry spiced dishes, fruit vinaigrette salads with goat cheese.

2015 Roussanne

Price: 24.99 Club Price: 19.99

This Roussanne displays a classical delicate floral and herbal tea aromas. Its structure is firm with supple acids , medium in body exotic flavors or pear, melon and herbal tea trickle to a citrus peel finish.

Alc. by Vol.: 14.8%

Net Content: 750ml

Roussanne is a white wine grape grown originally in the Rhône wine region in France, where it is often blended with Marsanne. it is a difficult variety to grow, with vulnerability to mildew, poor resistance to drought and wind, late and/or uneven ripening, and irregular yields.

2016 Muscat Canelli

Price: 21.99 Club Price: 17.59

This Muscat has a light straw color with delicat and full aromas of pear, kiwi and kumquat. Flavors of mango, nectarine and peach come to mind. This wine's fruit is balanced with its acidity offering flavors that linger to the finish.

Alc. by Vol.: 12.3%

Net Content: 750ml

2015 Riesling

Price: 22.99 Club Price: 18.39

The balance of fruit, acid and sweetness makes this Riesling stand out. Aromas of ripe peach, apricot and melon are distinctly noticed when poured into a glass. Refreshing light and crisp fruit lingers to a long finish. A classically made Riesling with a Temecula minerality.

Alc. by Vol.: 12%

Net Content: 750ml

Serve with pork dishes that have apples as a complement, German sausages and sauerkraut, spicy Indian food.

Wine Gift Bag

Price: 4.99 Club Price: 3.99

An elegant, translucent, gift bag with a draw string closure. The perfect touch for the perfect gift. Great for all occasions.
Champagne bottle sold seperately.