80% Moscato and 20% Viognier
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80% Moscato and 20% Viognier
80% Moscato and 20% Viognier

This wine is a Moscato dominate wine, blending a small amount of Viognier to add acidity and flavors of apricot and peach in the finish. Try our flip-side with Twenty- 80.

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This wine pathed a path of discovery with two wines, Viognier and Moscato, one dry and one sweet, one subtle and one fruity coming together in harmony for an extraordinary discovery. 

Tasting Notes: Semi Sweet

80% Moscato, 20% Viognier

TA:5.85 gm/L, PH: 3.52 RS:2.7

Alcohol: 12.3% 

Cuisine Pairing Suggestions:This wine pairs well with opposite flavors. Moscato is sweet so ideally pair with spicy, sour, salty and bitter. Perfect to pair with appetizers, mild fruit, blue or cheddar cheese, boscotti, creamy desserts and alone as an aperitif.