20% Moscato and 80% Viognier
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20% Moscato and 80% Viognier
20% Moscato and 80% Viognier

A balance of flavor, acid and fruit this wine is 20% Moscato to add a tropical finish influenced by the Muscat varietal with 80% of the dominate Viognier varietal. Blended to showcase each wines potential.

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To truly highlight the art of winemaking, and to discover it's opposite of our Eighty/20 we blended our  Twenty/80,20% Moscato to the Viognier for wonderful combination. 

Tasting Notes: Semi dry to dry

20% Moscato, 80% Viognier

TA:5.78 gm/L, PH: 3.41 RS:0.92

Alcohol: 13.5% 

Cuisine Pairing Suggestions:Try this wine with scallops, lobster, crab or shimp. Utilize aromatic seasonings such as cinnamon, cardamom, coriander and ginger. Also, snack on cashews or macadamias while enjoying a glass.