2017 Lopez Ranch Zinfandel
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2017 Lopez Ranch Zinfandel
2017 Lopez Ranch Zinfandel

A Old Vine wine with flavors of cranberry, coriander, cardamom, cumin and fennel. Originally planted by Jose Lopez back in 1918 and used as packing grapes for home winemakers during the Prohibition.

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Pygmy bush vines continue to be pioneered by the Galleano Family in California. The vines struggle to find water in the desert-like conditions establishing a deep root system going down 30-50 feet to get the water it needs. Average yield of these vines were one third of a ton per acre as compared to a state average of four tons per acre. These grape clusters tend to have concentrated flavors that are unique in flavor and distinctive aromas. 

Tasting Notes: Dry but fruit forward

TA:6.7 gm/L, PH: 3.5 RS:0.52

Alcohol: 15.3% 

Cuisine Pairing Suggestions: Enjoy the concentrated flavors of dark cherry, ripe cranberry and dried red currant layered with spicy notes of dusty tannins.