CabZin, Lopez Zin & BB Zin
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CabZin, Lopez Zin & BB Zin
CabZin, Lopez Zin & BB Zin

A perfect Zin-flavorful Trio! These Wilson Creek wines are a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy with your friends and family or share as special gift. While Supplies Last. FLAT RATE SHIPPING $20.

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2017 Lopez Zinfandel- Pygmy bush vines continue to be pioneered by the Galleano Family in California. The vines struggle to find water in the desert-like conditions establishing a deep root system going down 30-50 feet to get the water it needs. Average yield of these vines were one third of a ton per acre as compared to a state average of four tons per acre. These grape clusters tend to have concentrated flavors that are unique in flavor and distinctive aromas. 

2019 Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel- We started with a robust, fruit forward old vine Zinfandel. We then aged this wine in Bourbon Whiskey oak barrels. The result? A Zinfandel with something extra with very distinct American Oak and light Bourbon char aromas. 

2020 VS Cabernet/Zinfandel- Our Variant Series is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. This very popular blend integrates the concentrated jammy aromas and flavors of a Zinfandel, to the well structed frame work of a Cabernet Sauvignon.